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Managing a complaint at work: A step-by-step guide

Managing a complaint at work - Step 2

Prepare for the grievance meeting

  • Plan a date, time and place for the meeting to hear the case. It should be held:
    • in private where there will not be interruptions
    • and, ideally, within five working days of receipt of the grievance in writing.
  • Write to the employee, giving them:
    • the arrangements for the meeting
    • the written evidence and witness statements from your investigation so there are no surprises at the meeting
    • And add they have rights to be accompanied at the meeting and to appeal, after the meeting, against the decision how the matter will be resolved. An employer should be aware that a worker also has a right to be accompanied at a grievance meeting.
  • Arrange for someone not involved in the case to take a note of the meeting and to act as a witness to what was said.
  • To ensure consistency in decision-making, check whether similar grievances have been raised before, how they were resolved, and any follow-up action that was necessary.
  • Consider arranging for an interpreter if the employee has difficulty speaking English.
  • Also, consider whether any reasonable adjustments are necessary for any person attending the meeting who is disabled.
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