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Managing a complaint at work: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Look into the complaint

Managing a complaint at work - Step 1

Look into the complaint

  • The employee will have put their grievance in writing. In the letter, they should have outlined the complaint, sticking to the facts without using offensive language.
  • If an employee's grievance is against their manager and they feel unable to approach them about it, they should talk to another manager or the owner. If that is not possible you can either use a:
    • manager from an outside organisation who is trained to handle grievances
    • mediator - they are particularly good at resolving problems where relationships between individuals have broken down.
  • Either way, it should be a priority to investigate the complaint and establish the facts.

Go to Frequently-asked questions to find out:

  • How do I investigate?
  • What are some of the other matters which may cause grievances?
  • Can an employee raise a grievance about a work matter not entirely within my control?

As the only manager in your small business, you've decided you'll look into the matter yourself.

At the end of your investigation, do you feel you have got to the bottom of the complaint?

If you do, go to Managing a complaint at work - Step 2.

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