Recruitment: hiring someone

Interviewing job applicants

Once you’ve chosen who to interview, it’s a good idea to prepare a set of questions to ask at the interview. Questions must not discriminate.

Find out more about discrimination and the law.

If possible, each interview should be carried out by more than 1 person to reduce the risk of discriminating.

It‘s a good idea to check before the interview that the interviewers are:

  • prepared  
  • understand the law on discrimination

By law you must ask anyone coming to an interview to tell you if they need 'reasonable adjustments' so they can attend. For example, making sure your office is accessible for an applicant with a disability.

When interviewing it’s a good idea to ask each applicant the same questions where possible, to ensure you’re treating applicants in the same way. 

Once all the interviews have taken place, make sure you’re fair and treat everyone the same when deciding who should get the job. For example, check your decisions are based on how each applicant met each point in the job specification and person specification.

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