Checking sick pay

If sick pay runs out

Employees will build up paid holiday if they’re off sick, even if they’re not getting sick pay.

If someone’s sick pay runs out, they might be eligible for benefits from the government. There is advice for getting money while off sick on the Citizens Advice website.

What happens to the job

Even if sick pay runs out, there’s still an employment contract between the employer and the employee.

The employee should keep:

  • reporting their sickness to the employer
  • following the employer’s rules for sickness

The employer should:

  • keep in touch with the employee while they’re off
  • be clear about sick pay entitlement and when it’s due to run out

If sickness is affecting an employee’s ability to do their job, the employer might decide to review the situation.

This can help the employer plan:

  • how to cover the work while the employee is off
  • any support or adjustments that might help the employee return to work
  • the employee’s return, once they’re well enough
  • what happens to the job if the employee is not able to return