If sick pay runs out - Sick pay

If sick pay runs out

Employees will still build up paid holiday if they're off sick, even if they're not getting sick pay. They could talk to their employer about using their holiday entitlement if their sick pay runs out.

They might also be eligible for benefits from the government.

Find out more about getting money after your sick pay runs out from Citizens Advice

Even if sick pay runs out, there's still an employment contract between the employer and the employee.

The employee should continue to:

  • report their sickness to the employer
  • follow the employer's rules for sickness

The employer should:

If sickness is affecting someone's ability to do their job

If sickness is affecting an employee's ability to do their job, their employer should plan:

If an employee is disabled, their employer must make reasonable adjustments.

Sometimes an employee's sickness means they cannot return to work. This can be a complex area. For advice on what to do in this situation, contact the Acas helpline.

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