Acas framework for positive mental health at work

The Acas framework for positive mental health outlines how employers, managers and employees should share responsibility for positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Our shared goal

Acas views positive wellbeing and productive workplaces as a shared goal. This means: 

  • employers need to be committed to actively promoting positive mental health at work
  • managers need to understand about mental health and be open to conversations with their team members 
  • individuals need to look after their own mental health and ask for help when needed


It's important that employers create the conditions to support positive mental health at work. This might include: 

  • putting in place a wellbeing strategy 
  • dealing with any causes of work-related stress 
  • taking action to lessen the stigma around mental health 
  • supporting and providing training for their managers 
  • making sure there are policies in place to manage mental health
  • providing resources for managers and employees to support their mental health
  • understanding how personal issues can affect their employees' mental health


Managers should inform themselves about mental wellbeing and be open to conversations with their team. This includes:

  • building good relationships with their team
  • having regular wellbeing check-ins 
  • consulting on and keeping employees informed of changes that impact them 
  • learning about mental health and signposting to support services
  • handling difficult conversations effectively 
  • supporting a healthy work-life balance among their team


Everyone at work has a responsibility to look after their mental health. This includes:

  • noticing how and when they get stressed 
  • using positive strategies to help them cope 
  • asking for help and support from line managers when they need it
  • making use of support available in and outside of work
  • setting clear boundaries between work and personal life

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