Fonts and colours - User interface guide

Fonts and colours

The Acas website has its own user interface. It's simple – mostly text and blank space.

It does not use GOV.UK Frontend or its design system.


The website uses 2 typefaces:

  • Century Gothic (mostly Century Gothic Bold) – headings
  • Open Sans – all other text


The Acas brand identity colour palette includes lime, teal, blue, purple, maroon and grey. The website uses a darker teal, for better contrast against white.

The most common colours on the website are:

  • white – background; some text
  • black – most text
  • teal – headings; links; buttons
  • lime – borders on navigation boxes, H1s and important callouts
  • grey – borders on example callouts; some text on form pages

Less common colours are:

  • blue – focus outline; some selected states; some heading blocks
  • purple – some heading blocks
  • maroon – some heading blocks
  • red – errors
Important: Black text on white backgrounds can cause problems for some users. The contrast is too high. We plan to change this.
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