Reasonable adjustments – content pattern

Reasonable adjustments are changes an employer makes to remove or reduce a disadvantage related to someone's disability.

When to use this pattern

Use this pattern when you're talking about an employer's legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments for disabled staff and job applicants.

The pattern

[you / your employer / employers] must make reasonable adjustments


If an employee is disabled, you must make reasonable adjustments when they are in the workplace and working remotely.

Things to remember

Do not use 'must consider' or 'should make'. This is because employers must make reasonable adjustments by law (Equality Act 2010).

If it's not clear whether someone's impairment or condition is considered a disability by law, Acas advice is that it's good practice for an employer to still consider adjustments. In this case, use words like 'adjustments', 'changes' or 'support' instead of 'reasonable adjustments'.