Employee representative – content pattern

An employee representative can be either:

  • an employee who's been elected by the people they work with
  • a trade union representative

We often refer to employee representatives in content about consultation.

When to use this pattern

Use this pattern when you refer to an employee representative.

Explain it at the first mention on a page and after that, where you feel it's necessary to make content clear.

Do not use this pattern where you're explaining in detail what employee representatives are. For example, where you're writing advice about electing employee representatives.

The pattern

[... you / they / an employee] can speak to [your / their] employee representative[s] (for example, a recognised trade union).


Discuss your working arrangements with your employer or manager, or your employee representatives (for example, a recognised trade union).

Things to remember

Avoid this content pattern when you're talking about a representative for an individual employee. For example:

  • being accompanied by a representative to a disciplinary hearing
  • in early conciliation, where they might need a legal representative