Discipline, grievance or appeal hearing – content pattern

We need to explain 'hearing' on first mention as some people might not know what it means.

When to use this pattern

Use this pattern when you first mention 'hearing' in content about disciplinaries, grievances and appeals. 

The pattern

[intro specific to topic where 'hearing' is first mentioned]. [This / A hearing ] is a meeting where [the employer / your employer / you] hear[s] all the evidence before making a decision. 


After you've raised an appeal, your employer should invite you to an appeal 'hearing'. This is a meeting where your employer hears all the evidence before making a decision.

Things to remember

On first mention, put 'hearing' in inverted commas, because it's a legal term. 

After the first mention, use 'hearing' consistently throughout the content. This is the term we use to refer to the final meeting in a disciplinary, grievance or appeal procedure.