Home and hybrid working requests

1 . Asking to work from home

You can ask your employer about:

  • working from home for the first time
  • changing how often you come into the workplace
  • continuing to work from home

Make an informal request

Anyone can make an informal request to work from home.

Check the policy

Find out if your employer has a relevant policy – for example, a homeworking, hybrid working or flexible working policy. If you're not sure, ask your manager or HR department.

A policy explains how things work in your organisation. It's a good idea to check the policy first before you speak to your manager.

Speak to your manager

Discuss your working arrangements with your employer or manager, or your representatives (for example, a recognised trade union).

Working from home can be considered alongside other types of flexible working – for example, different working patterns.

Check if you can make a formal request

If you're legally classed as an employee, you can make a statutory (legal) flexible working request.

If you're disabled, you could ask to work from home as a reasonable adjustment.

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