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Dealing with problems

Problem - Resistance and apprehension from workforce

Possible solutions:

  • open communications and consultation
  • clear vision and explanation of business strategy
  • genuine and visible commitment from senior managers
  • visit other companies with successful teamworking.

Problem - Resistance and apprehension from managers

Possible solutions:

  • open communication and consultation
  • clearly define management roles at all levels
  • make sure vision and business strategy is clearly understood
  • provide adequate training in new roles
  • be honest about any and take action promptly (see also 'dealing with staff no longer required' below)
  • visit other companies with successful teamworking.

Problem - Resistance and apprehension from recognised trade unions

Possible solutions:

  • involve unions at the earliest opportunity
  • provide full information and consult with unions including clear explanation of vision and business strategy
  • try to move relationships with unions to a partnership based on interests
  • visit other unionised companies with successful teamworking.

Problem - Dealing with employees no longer required

Possible solutions:

  • retrain
  • develop long-term strategy to improve employees' job mobility
  • use for other roles - eg: training, special projects
  • early retirement/severance packages with consultation on possible redundancies
  • where redundancies are unavoidable, ensure selection is fair (12).

Problem - Inter-team rivalry

Possible solutions:

  • examine pay and rewards systems to ensure that they are not encouraging unhealthy competition between teams
  • make use of cross-functional teams to solve problems and generate ideas and help employees gain a broader view of the organisation.

Problem - Poorly performing teams

Possible solutions:

  • constant communication of progress and achievements
  • encourage and act on new ideas
  • continue to develop self-regulation of teams
  • make sure that mistakes are not dealt with negatively - encourage risk taking
  • team building exercises
  • further training
  • change team members: benchmark against successful teams
  • visit other organisations to find ideas for new initiatives.

Problem - Employees and managers confused by the volume and breadth of change

Possible solutions:

  • explain how all change initiatives contribute to vision and overall business strateg
  • set up steering group to oversee progress and interrelated effects of change
  • plan and sequence change but be flexible.
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