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Appendix 1

Joint consultative committee constitution - checklist

When drafting the constitution of a joint consultative committee the following elements should be covered:

  • the title and objectives of the committee
  • its terms of reference - the matters it can and cannot discuss and its powers
  • its composition:

        (i) employee representatives (number, constituents)
        (ii) management representatives
        (iii) co-option and ex-officio provisions
        (iv) named deputies for representatives
        (v) method for obtaining members, appointment, election, etc
  • election procedure

        (i) who organises
        (ii) when held
        (iii) qualifications of candidates and voters
        (iv) nominations
        (v) voting arrangements
  • the period of office of members and arrangements for their retirement
  • electing/nominating officers of committee, that is: chairperson, secretary
  • meeting arrangements

        (i) frequency, advance notice
        (ii) when and where held
        (iii) procedure for placing items on agenda
        (iv) arrangement for minutes
        (v) quorum
        (vi) duration of meetings
  • facilities for committee members

        (i) time-off for liaising with constituents
        (ii) payment while attending meetings
  • reporting arrangements

        (i) publication of minutes
        (ii) methods of reporting back
        (iii) responsibilities of members
  • method of altering constitution.
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