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Improving the Early Conciliation service

We are making changes to the early conciliation notification service, based on user feedback.

We're changing our email addresses and phone numbers

In order to offer you an improved service, we've had to change our computer systems, which has meant changing our email addresses and phone numbers.

We plan to move to the new service completely by Summer 2019.

If you have an existing case with us, please expect emails from us over the next few weeks telling you our new contact details. These emails will still come from

If you haven't heard from us, you can use the existing phone numbers and email addresses. 

If you are concerned at any point, please feel free to discuss your concerns with our staff.

Important information for representatives 

If you represent a number of claimant's or respondents please only use the new email address on those cases where we have told you to do so.  

We listened to users and what they want

Our service enables you to make the notification that the law requires.

We have been conducting user research with users of the service since November 2017, identifying ways in which the service could be improved.

We've been trialing new ways of working and a new computer system since November 2018. Now, we're going to start offering the improved service to a wider group of users.

The changes we're making should mean its quicker, and easier for you to progress your claim with us.

Helping you start conciliation faster

We've designed a new form on our website, which should mean that new claims can start conciliation more quickly. As we train more staff on the new computer systems, so more of you will be able to see and use the new form.

The quicker we can start conciliation, the more time you will have to try and find a solution to your dispute.

Our existing forms still work, but we will be removing those over the next few weeks.

It's confidential - as always

The information you provide during conciliation can only be used for conciliation. It provides a good basis for your discussions with Acas but is not linked to any future employment tribunal application.

The information you provide to Acas in this way, is, as has always been the case, confidential to the conciliation process. It cannot be used as evidence in an employment tribunal, nor discussed with your employer without your permission.

Making 'Beta' better

We think our new service is a significant improvement. It is however at the 'Beta' stage, which means it is still under development and there may be areas where further work is required to make the process as good as possible.

If you have any feedback on the new service or spot any issues that you think need working on, please email.

When providing feedback please do not make reference to any details within your individual case. The research and development teams working on improving our Beta service are unable to enter into correspondence about individual cases.