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Disability discrimination: the new Acas guide

Almost half of disabled people were in employment between January and March 2015, compared with around three-quarters of the population generally, according to the disability charity Scope.

And two-fifths of disabled people looking for work found the biggest barriers to getting hired were misconceptions around what their capabilities were, Justin Tomlinson, the minister for disabled people, said.

Such misconceptions are one of the reasons why it is so important that employers do what they can to diversify their talent pools, ensure their recruitment processes are fair, and that their workplaces are accessible and accommodating for people with disabilities. Employers can also tap into a source of talent they often overlook.

New disability discrimination guide from Acas

To give more employers confidence to hire disabled people, Acas has produced the new guide, pdf icon Disability discrimination: key points for the workplace [601kb]. It highlights the ways disability discrimination can occur in the workplace, how it can be dealt with and how to prevent it or reduce the chance of future discrimination.

The guide not only explains what terms such as 'disability', 'impairment' and 'reasonable adjustments' mean in law, but summarises the different types of disability discrimination and where they can happen in the employment landscape.

There's plenty of detailed information too, including what employers can and can't ask candidates in interviews about their health, how to make 'reasonable adjustments', and taking 'Positive action'.

Complicated areas, such as managing the potential conflict between possible disability discrimination and capability, are also clearly examined.

Also, straightforward procedural advice is at hand with sections explaining how employees should raise disability discrimination complaints and how employers should handle them. They are illustrated with clear examples.

Acas publications and services

Acas has published the new guide, pdf icon Disability discrimination: key points for the workplace [601kb], which summarises important information about how to prevent or tackle Disability discrimination at work.

General advice on discrimination is also available through Acas' new suite of Equality and discrimination guides which include the information employers and employees need to honour their legal obligations.

Acas experts can visit employers to review their existing equality and diversity procedures and help ensure they are legally compliant. See Equality and diversity: how Acas can help for more information.

Practical training is also available on Disability discrimination, Equality, diversity and the Equality Act 2010, Employment law update and Recruitment.

For free, impartial advice and guidance visit Acas Helpline Online.

Visit the Acas Training Courses, Workshops and Projects area for more information.

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