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Fixed-term contracts and notice: what you need to know

You have an employee whose fixed-term contract has almost run its course, but do you need to give any notice?

On the face of it, it would appear not - both sides know the expiry date and no notice is needed.

However, there are cases where it would be right to give notice, and it's always worth checking the wording of the contract.

Always check notice provisions in fixed-term contracts

For example, the contract may have a provision requiring a certain amount of notice to be given. Failing to do so could be a breach of contract. There could also be collective agreements that have a bearing on what notice is needed before a contract expires.

In any case, it's good practice then to check the contract, give notice and specify the date of termination so that everyone's clear.

Ending fixed-term contracts early

What about notice periods if you're terminating a fixed-term contract early?

Again, a good look through the contract is advisable. If it specifically prohibits early termination - except because of gross misconduct, say - pulling the plug on a contract before time may not alter the fact that the employee is still entitled to his or her remaining wages.

In other instances, a fair process for dismissal is needed, and the correct amount of statutory notice should be given:

  • one week's notice if the employee has been employed by the employer continuously for one month or more, but for less than two years
  • two weeks' notice if the employee has been employed by the employer continuously for two years, and one additional week's notice for each further complete year of continuous employment, up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Failure to give statutory notice can leave employers open to a claim of breach of contract at an employment tribunal.

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