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One in four employees is looking for a new job, says poll

The third job is the charm, says a new poll, and a quarter of employees are looking for a new one.

The online research by finds that it takes an average of three job moves before British workers find career contentment. And contentment itself is more a factor of achieving a great work/life balance than salary or job security. Perhaps surprisingly, the number one ingredient of happiness at work is a short commute.

Almost a third of respondents (31 per cent) said an easy daily commute helped them feel happier at work while 29 per cent believe a 'cool' office environment was key. Only one in sixteen (15 per cent) put their contentment at work down to their colleagues.

A third not happy

More than a third of respondents were not happy with their careers, while a quarter said they were considering changing jobs.

The expense of hiring employees can be considerable. London's Lambeth Council recently spent £108,000 on recruiting for three staff positions in less than a year. While these were senior posts, even hiring further down the line costs time and money. And getting it wrong obviously multiplies costs. All employers want to hire and retain people who will be happy and effective in their jobs, and develop as the business's needs evolve.

Help in getting it right

Acas have released two new guides: 'pdf icon Recruiting staff guide [360kb]' and 'pdf icon Starting staff: induction guide [356kb]'. Together they take employers through a step-by-step guide to making sure your new recruits are the best fit for the job and are likely to be happy working for you.

The guides include free tools, templates and check lists to help you get things right, whether you need to replace one person or you want to grow by recruiting several people. Recruiting staff effectively and fairly means you'll not only get the best person for the job, but it brings benefits to their team, managers and your business as a whole.

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