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New Acas step-by-step guide on pay and wages

Acas has launched a new step-by-step guide to help small firms handle pay and wages correctly.

Pay underpins the relationship between employer and staff - and any problems that arise over wage issues have the potential to be enormously destructive for workplace morale and productivity.

Understanding your obligations as an employer, both contractually and within the law, will not only help you get it right in the first place, but also enable you to take swift action if something goes wrong.

Getting it right

The step-by-step guide has seven steps covering all the essentials, including choosing an appropriate pay system, paying new staff, creating wage slips, dealing with deductions, overpayments and pay during absence, and what to do at the end of the employment relationship.

A myth-busting section sheds light on common areas of confusion when it comes to making a final payment to departing workers, such as what to do if they resign without working their notice period.

As pay is such a crucial part of the employment relationship, it's important to get it right. Pay issues handled poorly and left unresolved could lead to costly court cases or employment tribunal claims.

The guide is aimed at small firms, but would also be useful to line or team managers in larger organisations, who may have to deal with similar issues on a regular basis.

Acas publications and services

Handling pay and wages is the latest addition to a suite of seven existing step-by-step guides providing Help for small firms. They're aimed at keeping you on the right side of the law in key areas of employment, including recruitment, contracts, absences, performance, grievances and redundancy.

Acas experts can visit your organisation, review your pay system and work with you to improve the effectiveness of how you pay and reward your staff.

Practical training is also available on Contracts and terms and conditions, Recruitment and, for newer employers, Employing People - A Practical Introduction.

For free, impartial guidance visit Acas' Helpline Online.

Visit the Acas Training Courses, Workshops and Projects area for more information.

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