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Nine out of ten employers see the benefit of corporate volunteering

More than nine out of ten employers who give staff time to volunteer believe that doing so provides a 'personal development opportunity', according to research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

It found that volunteering could help improve teamwork skills, communication and provide a better understanding of the local community.

By extension, volunteering can benefit businesses, not to mention charities and local communities.

Almost two in five large organisations offer paid time for their employees to volunteer, and more than one in five offer unpaid time for it.

Volunteering could be win-win-win

Other research revealed that two in five employees would give their time to volunteer for good causes.

'Our research shows that corporate volunteering benefits businesses and their employees, as well as the communities in which they work,' Peter Cheese, Chief executive at the CIPD, said.

'Not only does it help businesses build stronger roots in their local communities, but it also gives employees an invaluable opportunity to develop new skills and give something back.

'It can also form part of a new relationship between organisations and their employees, helping them to attract and retain the right talent to meet their wider business objectives.'

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