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Let's 'Make It Happen': Celebrating women's achievements on International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2015 logo

International Women's Day (IWD) on 8 March will see thousands of events across the globe to celebrate the achievements of women and to press for greater equality too.

In the UK, more than a hundred events, talks, exhibitions, seminars, parades, workshops and performances are being put on to mark the occasion.

The theme this year is 'Make It Happen', which aims to encourage 'effective action' for the recognition and advancement of women.

Employers have been asked to get behind IWD, whether symbolically, such as displaying the IWD logo, or by 'painting it purple', colouring websites, blogs and emails in IWD purple, or more concerted action to help women thrive and succeed in the workplace.

IWD has been marked internationally since 1911, having grown out of the nascent socialist movement in the United States and then co-opted by European nations. It has been held on 8 March since 1914.

Purple is the movement's symbolic colour, supported in recent years by the hashtag #PaintItPurple. According to the IWD, purple symbolises justice and dignity, values strongly associated with women's equality, and was used along with green and white by the Suffragettes since 1908.

IWD is an official holiday in dozens of countries, including Afghanistan, China, Russia, Cuba and Zambia. In 2005 the TUC carried a motion calling for IWD to be designated a public holiday in the UK.

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