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Over 50s to get help back to work

Unemployed people over 50 are being targeted by the Government for help back into work.

The Department for Work and Pensions said 1.2 million people in this age group are out of but willing to work, and their potential contribution to the economy could be £50 billion.

Official figures suggest that older people are finding it harder than younger age groups to get back into the workforce following the economic downturn.

Unemployment fell by 3.5 per cent for the over 50s compared with 16 per cent for the population at large.

Career reviews

The initiative will feature 'career reviews' to identify transferable skills and any gaps that could be filled by training, and 'digital support' to get older jobseekers online.

"Older worker' champions" will also be sent out to small and medium-sized businesses to 'tackle outdated stereotypes' about employing older people.

Ministers said that there was no evidence that employing older workers put young people out of a job.

Instead they pointed to research that described the positive effect on young people of having more people aged 55 to 64 in the workplace.

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