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Part-time workers often 'stuck' on low pay

Part-time workers are among the most likely to be 'stuck' in low-paid jobs once they have had such a position for more than a year, according to a new report.

'Pay Progression: Understanding the barriers for the lowest paid' from the CIPD and John Lewis Partnership found evidence that those who want to work part-time 'fear that signaling [sic] their dissatisfaction with pay levels or their desire to progress might jeopardise their ability to work reduced hours.'

'Indeed, they believe that it isn't possible to exercise more responsibility without putting in more hours,' the report continued.

However, the Part Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 provide that part-time workers should not be treated less favourably by their employer than comparable full-time workers.

A record 5.2 million UK workers are now in low-paid jobs - earning less than £7.69 an hour - according to figures recently released by the Resolution Foundation.


Untapped reservoir

Employers may 'find an untapped reservoir of talent and experience within their existing teams', if they could find ways to 'invest in their staff and increase the responsibility of the job without increasing hours worked'.

Such routes to harnessing part-timers' potential could be through job-sharing, or 'creating explicit progression paths for part-time workers'.

Kathryn Ray of The Work Foundation said, 'More needs to be done to support and encourage businesses with low-cost/low-value business models to invest in the skills of their staff, for example through peer support and advocacy, incentive schemes and developing managerial capacity in small business.'


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