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Three-quarters of companies have used social media for recruitment

Nearly three-quarters of companies have used social media successfully to recruit new employees, according to a recent survey.

The research from Flo Software Solutions found that 73 per cent of businesses questioned had used social media platforms to attract new employees, finding it an 'indispensable tool' for recruitment.

Good practice: social media and recruitment

Even so, there are a few pointers that employers should bear in mind when using social media channels to recruit new staff.

Useful though it may be, it's best to use at least one other channel to publicise vacancies. If an employer only targets people who are similar it may be accused of discriminating against people from other social groups.

Not everyone uses social media. While at least 80 per cent of Britons use the internet, only around half of them use social media.

Employers should think about how to reach people who are not on social media, and whether it's fair to use social media to assess candidates, while not being able to do so for others.

Social media may not be the appropriate platform for recruitment to low-skilled jobs, as candidates may be less likely to use it in their roles.

Screening applicants through their social media profiles can be very informative. But employers should be aware that refusing to interview or employ someone because of a 'protected characteristic' that they noticed on a social media profile could be unlawful.

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