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Key considerations of Shared Parental Leave

The introduction of Shared Parental Leave from 5 April 2015 is expected to bring new levels of flexibility for parents in the way they share work and caring responsibilities for their child with each other.

But with any new legislation, there are bound to be situations that neither employers nor employees have foreseen - when a little extra outside help could make all the difference.

That's why Acas has published a new guide, pdf icon Shared Parental Leave: a good practice guide for employers and employees [538kb] covering everything you need to know about the new regulations.

Key considerations

In addition to a general overview, easy-to-understand rundown of the steps of processes of requesting and arranging Shared Parental Leave, the guide goes over many other key considerations, including:

  • cancelling or varying booked Shared Parental Leave
  • working and communicating during Shared Parental Leave
  • taking Shared Parental Leave In Touch (SPLIT) days
  • annual leave arrangements during Shared Parental Leave
  • protection and discrimination issues
  • responsibility for checking eligibility for Shared Parental Leave
  • early birth, multiple births, death of a child, death of a parent, or break-up of a relationship.

Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson said, 'The Acas guide will be welcomed by both employers and employees as they prepare for the new system which will help working families and boost economic growth.'

Sarah Jackson, CEO of Working Families said that the guidance from Acas 'provides clear, concise information for employers and employees'.

Acas publications and services

pdf icon Shared Parental Leave: a good practice guide for employers and employees [538kb] can be downloaded for free on the Acas website, where further information for Parents and carers on Shared parental leave and pay is also available.

Acas experts can visit your organisation and help you develop effective policies for working parents; see Parents and carers: how Acas can help for details.

Acas training on Maternity, paternity and adoption will keep you up to speed with all the changes surrounding Shared Parental Leave, as well as improve your understanding of the law in the way it relates to other family-relevant employment legislation.

For free, impartial advice and guidance visit Acas Helpline Online.

Visit the Acas Training Courses, Workshops and Projects area for more information.

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