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No escape: unexpected places where we take work calls

The power of new technology and round-the-clock communication to reach into the deepest corners of our lives has reached new levels, if a new survey from alldayPA is to be believed.

It claims that more than half of 1,372 British workers surveyed (54 per cent) admitted to answering work calls while in bed.

The professional call answering service that undertook the research also found that 41 per cent of workers have answered business calls while on holiday, and 40 per cent have fielded calls from a pub.

Stretching credulity to its limits, 3 per cent said they had answered their work phone on a rollercoaster.

But perhaps the biggest shock revelation was the 24 per cent, almost a quarter of respondents, who said they had answered two calls at the same time - speaking on the phone while answering a call of nature.

Work-life balance

A spokesman for alldayPA said that the survey should arouse 'concern about the quality of work being completed over the phone when so many people are taking calls in the middle of social activities'.

However, without knowing whether the work calls were made on the clock or not - and those being called on holiday suggest that at least some of them were not - it could be equally concerning that employers were making inroads into workers' private lives.

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