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One in four fear redundancy within six months

One in four employees fears losing their job in the coming six months, according to the 2014 Q2 employee confidence survey by Glassdoor. Despite news that the UK has the fastest growing economy in the developed world, fears of redundancy have increased by eight per cent since the previous quarter.

The Glassdoor survey monitors four indicators of employee confidence: job security, salary expectations, job market optimism/re-hire probability and business outlook optimism. It found that between a quarter and a third of employees (29%) were concerned about being made redundant, and an even higher proportion (36%) worried about their colleagues' job security.

Glassdoor career and workplace expert Jon Ingham suggested the increasing fear of redundancy may be down to 'the increasing amount of restructuring that employees are seeing in the workplace'.

'Employers will benefit from communicating openly about the specific circumstances of their own businesses, involving employees where there are issues and problems, and communicating confidently where there are already positive changes underway or there are signs of new opportunities for the future.'

Fear of redundancy was also evident in a report from the National Childbirth Trust in June, which revealed that almost half of British mothers were returning to work without taking their full maternity leave allowance. While the jobs of women on maternity leave are protected, their role may still be made redundant in their absence. The survey also showed that four per cent of mothers took less than two weeks' maternity leave.

Belinda Phipps NCT, CEO said: 'This report shows women are returning to work earlier than they would like to because of money worries or fears about job security. It also suggests that if the government wants parents to make use of shared parental leave they will need to increase dads' paternity pay.

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