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Young fathers most likely resent work's impact on family

Young fathers are the group most likely to feel resentment towards their employers because of the impact of work on family life, according to new research from Working Families.

Twice as many fathers as mothers strongly resent their employer about work impinging on their home lives. But it's fathers aged 26 to 35 who are the most likely to do so, particularly those with one child.

Angry young fathers

The report said that this might be because young fathers with one child are experiencing the transition to fatherhood - and the conflict between work and family that can go with it - for the first time.

It said that employers should be aware of the implications for performance and management as men become fathers.

More than two in five respondents said that work impinges on family life often or all of the time. Again it was young fathers who found their time most impinged upon.

Most respondents said that mothers were the first port of call when things go wrong at school or care - except for young fathers, who said they were almost as likely to be called as the partner.

Quiet revolution

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families, said, 'It is clear that expectations for work-life balance are changing, particularly among younger working fathers. This is a quiet revolution in attitudes, which may have long-lasting impact in the workplace.

'The male employee, focused full-time on his work, is becoming a museum piece. Tomorrow's workers, male and female, will expect time and space for their family lives and responsibilities alongside their work.'

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