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Get young recruits off to a good start with our new guide

With news that almost half of UK businesses plan to take on apprentices in the next five years, the timing couldn't be better for the launch of a new guide for employers to help young people succeed at work.

The guide, pdf icon Managing Future Talent - A guide for employers [1Mb] from Acas, CIPD and unionlearn, is full of useful pointers from people in the know from across British business about how to get the best from young people starting out in their careers.


Youngsters can find the workplace daunting at first, so it's important that employers put them at ease, the guide says. It advises using an induction process so they can adapt quickly and settle comfortably.

The induction could involve readying their colleagues' expectations about what a new recruit may be capable of initially, and give them an idea about what kind of support they could offer to help the starters bed in and develop.

No assumptions should be made about work-readiness. Even the absolute bread-and-butter basics should be gone over, things that veterans take for granted, such as how to answer a phone professionally, and responding to emails efficiently.

If colleagues' expectations need to be managed, so do the new recruits'. Giving young people objectives will give them a framework to understand the goals of the organisation and their role within that.

Nurture to flourish

Over time, their responsibilities can be increased - and if they respond well to new challenges, then employers can harness that talent by providing appropriate opportunities for them to flourish.

Regular meetings and feedback help with integration and give young people a chance to put forward questions about whatever's concerning them.

With consistent support, matters arising can be regularly addressed and resolved with care and expedience, allowing trust to build swiftly.

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Acas has published the pdf icon Recruiting staff guide [360kb], outlining everything you need to know about getting the right person and settling them in.

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