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Encouraging employees to reapply for their jobs

Despite the fact that a job is rarely for life these days, one might assume that employees faced with the threat of redundancy would be keen to reapply for their jobs. Surprisingly, many employees do not.

There are a number of reasons why an employee may be reluctant to reapply for their job - or why they may feel ill-equipped to do so. Employees may feel daunted by the prospect of being interviewed by their colleagues, or they may suspect that they are no longer wanted. Rather than risk failing to win back their job, employees may prefer to invest their energies in looking for a job elsewhere.

For many employers, this reluctance to reapply for a job can be costly. If top staff and experienced team members are not encouraged to reapply, an exodus of talent can ensue, leaving an employer further weakened.

For some employees, reapplying for their job can feel like a daunting task. Long-standing employees may have forgotten what an interview is like - or they may need help preparing an up-to-date CV. Employees can be coached and encouraged to treat the application process seriously - including dressing smartly and preparing for typical interview questions.

With a little support and encouragement, employers can ensure that everyone feels able - and welcome - to reapply.

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