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Help for small firms

How to get the best out of your staff: A step-by-step guide

True or false?

How to get the best out of your staff - Myth busting: True or false?

Appraisals are more trouble than they're worth. Staff can worry about how their manager might criticise them and whether they will really be listened to. Also, managers are not always trained, or sufficiently skilled, to conduct them effectively.

If staff are worried their manager may highlight a problem, shortcomings or where results are below target, then they need to fully recognise any deficiencies, and more importantly, agree how they can be realistically overcome.

If managers lack the necessary skills, either as listeners, in conducting appraisals or in having difficult conversations, then coach or train them and give regular feedback so they, too, can improve.

If the whole appraisal process - through on-the-job coaching and feedback, regular update meetings, agreeing what training is needed and the appraisal meeting itself - is conducted in a positive spirit, it can give you insight and improvements you are likely to otherwise miss out on.

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How to get the best out of your staff
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