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Help for small firms

How to get the best out of your staff: A step-by-step guide

How to get the best out of your staff - Step 2

Agree how objectives should be achieved

While objectives are the ends to be achieved, the necessary skills, knowledge, personal attributes and conduct are the means. They can also be called competences or behaviours.

  • Agree the competences with the employee. They need to understand what is expected of them, including how they should conduct themselves.
  • Competences are often linked to development needs, so think about any training your employee may need to develop their skills and improve their conduct, and also agree those with the employee.
  • For example, competences might include 'customer care' and 'communication skills':
    • The objectives for customer care might be to answer calls within so many rings or to reply to emails within a certain time. The competence you set might require the employee to speak politely or to dress smartly.
    • The objectives for communication skills might require an employee to write reports or give presentations. The competence might require the employee to adapt their communication to different audiences.
  • You can combine your objectives with your competences, or smaller firms may decide to measure performance purely by objectives met.
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How to get the best out of your staff
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