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Recruiting an employee: A step-by-step guide

Recruiting an employee - Useful tools: Real-life situation

You advertised the job carefully spelling out the main duties and the skills that would be needed.

You've had a lot of applications, but glancing through some you've noticed they are from a wide range of people with very different experience.

That's worrying you - you're a one-person outfit short of time and feel overwhelmed by the details.

What do you do next?

You fully appreciate that taking on your first employee is a major change for your business. So, once you've dealt with customers' orders and queries, make going through the applications your priority.

In the advertisement, you spelt out the main duties, and the skills, knowledge, experience and aptitudes the successful candidate would need. Turn these into a checklist, and sift the applications using only these factors to find the applicants which best match them. That way you should not discriminate on grounds such as sex or race, and should focus on what you are looking for.

Invite the best candidates to interview and prepare a set of questions to gauge their skills and qualities necessary for the post. Asking them all the same questions will help you assess them and be fair.

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