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Help for small firms

Recruiting an employee: A step-by-step guide

Recruiting an employee - Step 1

Working out if you really need to hire someone

  • Plan ahead to anticipate future staffing needs. How long-term is the post likely to be? Is your work flow seasonal or fairly constant?
  • Think about the way work is organised in your business. For example, could flexible working, such as staggered hours or overtime, help manage any peaks and troughs?
  • Look around the market place.
    • What are your competitors doing?
    • Can you recruit people with the right skills in your area?
    • Decide how much you will pay - but pay the going rate for the job if you want the best person.
  • Imagine the new employee starting work - will you have the time to train and coach them to become an effective employee?

Does your business case for taking on a new member of staff hold water? If so, give more thought to precisely who you want for the job.

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