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Bosses and board members are out of touch, says new research

New research suggests that those at the top of an organisation can often have a distorted view of their own abilities, reputation and success. So how can bosses keep in touch with what's really going on?

The research from leadership institute Roffey Park also showed a clear disconnect between the perceptions of bosses and board members and those in middle management. This was particularly evident when it came to assessing the relative success or failure of how change and redundancies were handled and how well-regarded the leaders were by the rest of the team.

The report found that 61 per cent of board-level executives felt that redundancies had been managed well within their business - compared with just 32 per cent of line managers. A total of 79 per cent of board directors felt that they were well respected, while just half of their managers felt the same way. Leaders also tended to feel significantly more secure in their jobs and rated their leadership skills more highly than did middle managers.

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