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Get your staff motivated for 2012

As the festive season hangovers clear, it's time to start thinking about how to get employees on board and motivated for the year ahead. A few simple tips from employee engagement expert Ian Buckingham can help you get 2012 off to a productive start.

Give credit where it's due: Key to staff engagement is giving recognition and constructive feedback. If a member of your staff has done well, let them know - and let everyone else know, too. Championing good practice and achievements can work wonders to incentivise staff and breathe new life into a stagnant working environment. Similarly, if there's room for improvement, give constructive advice and let everyone benefit.

Keep the door open: Be an approachable, hands-on manager who listens. An environment where staff feel that their suggestions will be taken seriously can help boost your in-house problem-solving capabilities and encourage creative thinking at all levels of your organisation. You might even find you uncover some hidden talents among your workforce!

Communicate: Talk to your staff. Tell them what your plans are for the future, and explain how they feature in it. Even if the news is bad, your staff will appreciate being told what's going on rather than being kept in the dark.

Know and nurture your people: Even when times are hard for your business, don't lose sight of the fact that the people who work for you still have goals and dreams. Listen to them, find out what they want to achieve in their careers and do what you can to support them. Take the time to discover and develop the unique strengths of each member of staff and your business will reap the benefits.

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