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Discipline and Grievance - prepare now with Acas training

Monday 19 January 2009

The law is changing and Acas has produced a revised Code of Practice and other non-statutory guidance.

A series of training events has been launched across the country to establish what employers and employees should do when dealing with discipline and grievance issues. For course listings visit our Acas Training course page and select discipline and grievance from the menu.

So whether you are an employer, a manager or human resources professional why not take some time out of your busy schedule to find out how the forthcoming changes will affect your business?

Course detail

Regular visitors to the Acas website may know that the current statutory discipline and grievance procedures for handling workplace disputes will be repealed on 6 April 2009 (Subject to the parliamentary process). In their place a revised Acas Code of Practice is being introduced.

Employers and Managers will be expected to follow the good practice advice set out in the revised Acas Code of Practice. If you don't, and end up at an Employment Tribunal, the employee's compensation could increase by up to 25 per cent if you have acted unreasonably.

The new procedures and Acas code mark a significant change in the way potential and actual disputes are resolved within the workplace. Emphasis will be more on the early resolution of problems with a minimum of cost and formality. Where possible, problems at work will be resolved at work.

In support of this approach, Acas will be providing a free early conciliation service (known as pre-claim conciliation) for workplace disputes that are likely to become employment tribunal claims. Details of how this will work in practice will be included during the event.

This new approach means there will no longer be a legal requirement to follow the current 3-step statutory procedures for dealing with discipline, grievance and dismissals. Tribunals will make decision on the basis of what is "fair and reasonable".

These training events will look at the practical application of the new framework, with a 2 hour or half day event option available to our customers.

Training events

Our half day event will include the following information:

  • Background to the changes
  • What is contained in the new legislation and the Acas Code of Practice – and how it will affect you
  • Unfair Dismissal including procedural issues
  • Penalties for non compliance with the Code
  • How to resolve disputes earlier and in the workplace - including Pre Claim Conciliation and how it will work
  • What you need to do next.

For course listings visit our Acas Training course page and select discipline and grievance from the menu. 

Further information

- The Acas on the new legislative changes
- Download the Acas Discipline and Grievance Code of Practice