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Hiring staff

The following documents are free and are here to help you to hire staff. Others are available to help with Managing staff and Disciplining staff.

Job descriptions

Person specification

  • word icon Person specification [31kb] - a breakdown of the attributes the employer is looking for and whether they should be essential or desirable.

Job application forms

Equal opportunities

  • word icon Equality and diversity monitoring form template [54kb] - the confidential form to help build up a picture of who is applying to join the organisation, and to help the employer encourage equality and diversity. The form is to go out with the job application form, but to be returned separately. Employers must consider equality and diversity issues when hiring staff, read fuller Acas guidance here on Equality and discrimination.

Written Statement of Employment

Recruiting the best candidate

Job offer letters

  • word icon Outline of a job offer letter - option 1 [28kb] - a short covering letter referring to an important attached document, a Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment, which goes out with the letter.
  • word icon Outline of a job offer letter - option 2 [34kb] - a longer letter giving the basics of the job's terms and conditions of employment. It is drafted on the basis the full Written Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment will follow within two months of the successful applicant starting work.

Pre-employment checks

  • word icon Outline of a pre-employment checklist [51kb] - a brief overview of basic pre-employment checks on a shortlisted job candidate or the applicant offered the post. The check on the right to work in the UK is a legal requirement.

Starting the new employee

Note: The samples for letters, forms and checklists are here to help you, but users must take full responsibility for the content they send out.

Further guidance, support and resources

If, after looking at these templates, you feel you need additional help on hiring staff, Acas has other free guidance you can download.

Topics include:

You can also use and share free Acas e-learning

And if you would benefit from further support please see Recruitment and Retention: how Acas can help

Alternatively you can call the Acas Helpline

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