Working safely during coronavirus

Testing staff for coronavirus

If an employer decides it's necessary to test employees or workers for coronavirus (COVID-19), it should be agreed with staff or the workplace's recognised trade union.

The agreement should be put in writing, for example in a workplace policy.

Employers can ask staff to be tested, but they cannot force staff to take a test.

If someone does not want to be tested

If someone does not agree to be tested, the employer should listen to their concerns. It's important for the employer to be flexible and try to find ways to resolve any issues.

If someone unreasonably refuses to take a test, in some situations it could result in a disciplinary procedure. For example, this could be because it's the workplace's policy to test staff for coronavirus and necessary for someone to do their job.

Guidance for employers

Employers must make sure they follow data protection law if they test staff for coronavirus.

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