Managing staff redundancies: step by step

Get Acas training and support for managing redundancies

You can speak to an Acas senior adviser to help you understand your options for avoiding redundancies in your workplace and to talk through the redundancy process.

They can talk you through:

  • the steps in a redundancy process and provide you with a flowchart with links to further resources
  • what's a legal requirement and what's good practice 
  • the options for avoiding redundancies
  • what support is available for your staff

To arrange an appointment, you can:

Redundancy training 

Redundancy: getting it right

This 3-hour remote training course covers the employer’s legal responsibilities and good practice when managing redundancies.

Book 'Redundancy: getting it right' training course

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Tailored support on redundancy and restructuring

We can work with you to provide tailored support for your workplace on redundancy and restructuring. This can range from a couple of days to a longer-term project, depending on your needs and your budget.

Find out more about tailored support for your workplace.

Podcasts on redundancy

Redundancy: what to remember and what to avoid

In this podcast, Acas advisers Maggie and Faye talk through the most important things to remember when managing redundancies.

Listen to 'Redundancy: what to remember and what to avoid'.

Redundancy and rights: your frequently asked questions (FAQs)

In this podcast, Acas adviser Chau Doan covers the main questions employees have been asking about redundancy and rights. 

Listen to 'Redundancy and rights: your FAQs'.