Considering hybrid working for your organisation

Deciding what to do next

Once you've discussed hybrid working and considered how it could work, you'll need to make a decision.

Whatever you decide, you should regularly review your decision and consult with your employees and their representatives.

You should make sure you clearly explain your decision and make sure you treat staff fairly.

Introducing hybrid working

If you want to introduce hybrid working, or make a long-term change for employees who are already hybrid working, you should:

Trialing hybrid working

You could agree to try hybrid working for a short amount of time (a 'trial period'). This would allow you to see:

  • how it works
  • whether any adjustments need to be discussed
  • if there‚Äôs more or less flexibility than originally expected

Before you begin a trial period, you should agree what might happen at the end of the trial period and how it will be reviewed.

Considering other options

You might not currently be able to support hybrid working for every role in your organisation.

You should discuss alternatives to hybrid working, for example:

These alternatives could help reduce feelings of unfairness.

You should regularly review whether you can support hybrid working.

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