Early conciliation and employment tribunal cases data 2020 to 2021

Data for early conciliation notifications and employment tribunal cases Acas received in the financial year 2020 to 2021. It is published every quarter.


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Published 25 November 2020

Acas early conciliation and employment tribunal data for quarter 1 (April to June) 2020.

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Spreadsheet showing early conciliation notifications by track, received quarter 1 (April to June) 2020. Comma-separated values (CSV) format.

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Spreadsheet showing employment tribunal cases by track for quarter 1 (April to June) 2020. Comma-separated values (CSV) format.


When an employee wants to raise a claim against their employer at an employment tribunal, they must notify Acas first. Acas offers early conciliation with the aim of the employee and employer reaching an agreement and not having to go to a tribunal.

This data shows the number of early conciliation notifications Acas receives and the number of cases that go to tribunal.