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The Acas Framework for Effective Leadership

New guidance and training from Acas

Acas is committed to helping organisations work better. We know that effective workplaces are driven by high levels of employee engagement. The best places to work are built on good working relationships, effective organisational practices and by effective leaders who can communicate well and inspire others to want to make a real difference.

Acas is releasing a suite of guidance, training and resources to help improve leadership within organisations and to help improve productivity.

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Why leadership skills are so important:

Around a quarter of the UK's productivity gap with the US is down to 'poor management practices' Bloom and Van Reenan (2010)

Ineffective management costs the UK over £19 billion per year in lost working hours; 43% of UK managers rate their own manager as "ineffective". Department of Business and Skills (2012)

Employee disengagement is contributing to our disappointing productivity figures. Analysis indicates that were the UK to move its engagement levels to the middle of the top quartile such as that for the Netherlands this would be associated with £25.8bn increase in GDP (Kenexa)

Download: pdf icon The Acas framework for effective leadership [70kb]

Effective Leadership quadrant "The Acas framework for effective leadership focuses on four areas that have the highest impact on engagement and productivity. The framework can be applied to leadership at all levels as leadership is more of a quality and set of behaviours than a specific role.

What is key is identifying the opportunities for people to use and develop their leadership skills, and to create environments where good leadership can flourish. 

I'm really pleased to introduce the new Acas framework for effective leadership and also the supporting guidance and training events we have designed".

Brendan Barber, Acas Chair

Acas training courses and in-company support

Our new training events, based on the Acas Framework for Effective Leadership, have been scheduled across Great Britain.

The events are designed to make good leadership more understandable and to provide practical tips and skills that delegates can take back and use in their workplace. By the end of the event delegates will understand:

  • The business case for investing in leaders at all levels of the organisation 
  • Aspects of the different theories of leadership that best apply to the modern world of work
  • The four levels of the 'Acas Framework for Effective Leadership' and how these apply to you, your team and your organisation
  • How to apply the principles of effective leadership to small and large-scale challenges at work
  • What kind of leader you are and any skills gaps you might need to address
  • How to create an action plan for improvement.

Feedback about this training from Rich Jones, Training Manager for Acas Leeds:
"I really get a lot out of running this training. It's really clear to me how differently people see leadership as a quality, and as a set of practices that can easily be put into place. What strikes me also is how many similarities there are in what people agree a good leader acts like.

Often its the simple, methodical and considered approaches that can make a really big difference. The Acas framework really helps us pull together some of the essential elements of good leadership and provides a memorable resource for delegates and others looking to make improvements".

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"Really enjoyed the session, it provided a real insight into leadership styles and was thought provoking"

Manager at Acas pilot event