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Acas Strategy 2016 - 2021: Acas strategic aims

Acas Strategy 2016 - 2021

Strategic Aim 1: To drive sustained organisational effectiveness and productivity and improve the quality of working life across the economy through practical advice and expert support


The context

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    To prosper and to contribute to the country's productivity challenge, organisations need to be efficient, manage change effectively and have good workplace relationships.
  • To drive up individual and organisational performance and to secure employee well being, employers and employees need the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage relationships effectively.
  • To achieve sustained effectiveness, organisations need well-understood management policies and practices and positive workplace behaviours.

What we will do

  • Set standards and provide good practice guidance and support to help employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities and develop positive working relationships.
  • Provide managers and employee representatives with the practical skills and confidence to deal with employment issues and create a positive, efficient and productive working environment.
  • Review and adapt our services and use a wide range of channels to increase the number of employers and employees who use our services.

Strategic Aim 2: To assist organisations and individuals to manage conflict and resolve disputes at work

The context

  • Disagreements and conflict are natural features of working life and can result in positive change. But if left unresolved conflict can be damaging for both individuals and organisations.
  • Resolving conflict early helps avoid negative impacts on organisational effectiveness and efficiency, saving time and resources as well as reducing the personal impact on people.
  • Managing conflict effectively involves people with the right skills using informal approaches backed up with clear formal procedures.

What we will do

  • Promote the benefits of early and alternative dispute resolution and work with employers, employees and employee representatives to reduce the risk of future conflict at work.
  • Help organisations acquire the capability to manage conflict as a strategic issue, and support individual managers to have the personal skills to respond confidently to potential and actual disputes using both informal and formal approaches.
  • Provide timely and effective conciliation, arbitration and mediation services to resolve work disputes.

Strategic Aim 3: To shape and inform policy thinking and practice on employment issues in order to contribute to fair, effective and efficient working relationships

Workplace trends of 2016 The context

  • Acas has a pivotal role to play in stimulating debate on the workplace based on its reputation as an authoritative, impartial and independent voice.
  • Acas can make an important contribution to the development of public policy affecting the world of work drawing on our rich experience of workplaces together with our well regarded research.
  • Our unique insight into relationships at work can be used to highlight the behaviours and approaches that can make a difference to organisational effectiveness and the quality of working life.

What we will do

  • Develop new Acas products and services that meet our customers' needs using our insight, research and horizon scanning to work collaboratively with policy makers and stakeholders.
  • Engage audiences through a range of channels, including policy papers and events, to shape thinking on emerging trends and highlight practical solutions.
  • Facilitate debate in order to create an environment of shared understanding and move towards developing consensus on policy and good practice solutions.