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Adviser profiles

Wendy Parker, Acas North East Regional Director

Wendy has been the North East Area Director since 2006. She is responsible for the delivery of dispute resolution services, training and advice on good practice in the workplace and helpline services for both employers and employees.

She joined Acas as an Individual Conciliator helping resolve employment tribunal cases and also worked extensively as a Collective Conciliator, working on disputes between employers and groups of workers and as a Senior Adviser in the North East. She was the Acas national lead in the Equal Pay crisis which affected all Local Authorities.

Wendy was appointed to the Assistant Director role for Individual Conciliation and Helpline Services in Scotland in May 2014 which she leads along with the North East command.

Contact Wendy:
T: 0330 109 3397

Pat Fairfax, Senior Advisor

Pat is the Conciliation and Mediation Manager specialising in individual workplace dispute resolution and mediation.

She delivers the accredited Acas Certificate in Workplace Mediation (CIWM) and leads on handling equal pay employment tribunal cases in the North East.

Pat's breadth of experience includes working with both public and private sector organisations on projects such as introducing equal pay, setting up consultative councils and helping management and employees move away from adversarial relationships. She also helps businesses introduce anti bullying and harassment policies and procedures and manage stress.

Pat has a Post Graduate Certificate in Workplace Mediation.

Contact Pat:
T: 0330 109 3478

Ian Mastaglio, Senior Adviser and Training Manager

Ian has over 15 years experience in employment relations. CIPD qualified, Ian has extensive knowledge of dealing with dispute resolution and good practice in the workplace.

Ian's varied responsibilities encompass helping organisations understand a wide range of workplace topics, resolving disputes, partnership working and delivery of our accredited Certificate in Workplace Mediation (CIWM).

Ian is an active member of employer and employee forums in the region enabling him to keep abreast of regional and national developments and to provide essential employment relations updates.

Contact Ian:
T: 0330 109 3445

Chris Peel, Senior Adviser

Chris works with organisations of all sizes and sectors as a Senior Adviser to help develop good workplace relationships.

Chris assists organisations to work together to improve relationships through a range of project work. He also delivers training on employment law and related topics. His role includes helping resolve disputes between employers and groups of workers, known as collective conciliation.

Chris has vast management experience and took a lead role in the Employer Engagement project and the Regional Employability Framework where Chris worked to streamline and co-ordinate the support offered to employers in the North East.

Contact Chris:
T: 0330 109 3398

Malcolm Phillips, Senior Adviser and Conciliation Manager

Malcolm is an experienced member of the Acas training team with responsibility for the design, delivery and evaluation of training events covering employment relations topics. Malcolm tailors training products, delivering bespoke courses for employers across all sizes and sectors on a range of subjects.

He previously worked as an Acas Individual Conciliator, helping employers and employees resolve disputes before reaching an employment tribunal. He has knowledge and experience of dealing with disputes across the private, public and charitable business sectors.

Malcolm is a member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and is CIPD trained.

Contact Malcolm:
T: 0330 109 3469