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Meet the Yorkshire and Humber team

Rich Jones Rich Jones, Senior Adviser/Collective Conciliator

Rich is a senior adviser with specialisms in equality, diversity and inclusion, complaints investigation and mediation, but delivers the full range of Acas training sessions. He is a Fellow of the CIPD, and a visiting lecturer at Leeds University. He received a distinction for his MA in Human Resource Management, which involved a major dissertation on diversity.

Rich came to Acas in 2003. Prior to this, he was a full time equal opportunities complaints investigator for the Department for Work and Pensions for three years, where he also coordinated the activity of their north of England Harassment Officers' network. Rich has over 30 years public sector experience and has worked as both a Trade Union official and HR Manager in various parts of the UK.

Rich is an experienced trainer and adviser who receives excellent feedback from his customers despite the emotive nature of the subjects he often deals with. Whilst with Acas he has developed an extensive range of products and innovative bespoke solutions for his clients. He is well versed in employment legislation and has a wide range of practical examples and good practice scenarios to draw upon when training.

E: T: 0330 109 3275 and M: 0777 6465759

Barry Welsh Barry Welsh, Senior Adviser/Collective

Barry is the longest serving member of the senior advisory team, Barry joined Acas almost 25 years ago. A graduate in Psychology and Management, Barry was initially engaged as a conciliator to proactively promote dispute resolution in Employment Tribunal cases. His involvement in conciliation broadened to encompass collective workplace disputes between management and trade unions.

After joining the Senior Advisory Team in Leeds, he quickly extended his remit by becoming involved in Acas mediation services. Since 2006 he has been the Acas lead for mediation training and mediating workplace disputes in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. Barry is one of the longest serving members of the Acas national tutor team delivering the Acas externally accredited certificate in workplace mediation programme.  He has acted as lead tutor for numerous accredited mediation programmes and has established mediation services within public, private and voluntary sector clients including NHS Trusts, Police, Fire and Rescue, Universities and Colleges, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Barry not only trains mediators but is also a practising workplace mediator. He has undertaken numerous one to one and group mediation scenarios working with a wide range of clients at local national and international level.

In addition to the mediation work Barry continues to be involved in the full range of Acas services specialising in Conflict Management, Workplace Cultures and Behaviours, Change Management, Collective Conciliation and facilitates workplace negotiations as part of his remit. Barry has worked overseas with other European Union member states helping to establish effective workplace relations prior to their acceptance into the EU.

E: T: 0330 109 3249 M: 07795 061122

Darrell Johnson Darrell Johnson, Trainer 

Darrell Johnson is a trainer for Acas, working with businesses in the Yorkshire and Humberside area. He has worked for Acas for 12 years in a variety of roles - initially joining as an Individual Conciliator dealing with Employment Tribunal cases, but enjoying periods of time as an Equality and Diversity Adviser, and Helpline Manager. Latterly he has spent 5 years as a Training Consultant assisting businesses in subjects such as managing absence, disciplinary issues, recruitment, and specialising in linking management/supervisory skills productively with appropriate policies and procedures.

He is actively involved in working with organisations which see businesses benefits from effectively managing change, successfully engaging employees, and maximising business growth through effective employee relations.

Additionally he has been a member of ITOL for 3 years and has contributed as a Guest Lecturer to the CIPD course at Huddersfield University for 5 years.

E:, T: 0330 109 3256 and M: 07899 077552

Caroline Phillip Caroline Sandy, Senior Advisor/Collective Conciliator

Caroline has a wealth of Acas and Employment relations experience. She specialises in advising employers on the people issues associated with change management. She has worked across almost all industries and business sectors. Caroline has a deep understanding of the conflicts that can arise in trying to turn plans into reality, and is skilled in both how to resolve and avoid them.

E:, T: 0330 109 3253 M: 07795 602520 

Carole Sayer Carole Sayer, Senior Adviser/Conciliator

Carole offers in-depth advice and support to employers, delivers training on more complex matters and undertakes collective conciliation work. She has previously worked in the Acas National Strategy Team writing and developing Acas training materials and delivering projects in areas such as Productivity and Tupe. Carole is an Associate member of CIPD and a member of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

E:, T: 0330 109 3819 M: 07909 891981

Mike Walsh Mike Walsh Conciliator/Mediator

Mike has a background in management before joining Acas as a Conciliator and is well versed in Employment Law and alternate dispute resolution. His skills and specialisms are in individual and group mediation and facilitating accredited mediation training for workplace mediators.

Mike's skills are also put to good use in helping groups of employees (usually represented) and employers to resolve their workplace disputes. Mike is a Chartered Member of Institute of Personnel and Development and is Post Graduate in employment dispute resolution.

James Brown James Brown, Trainer

James works with employers of all sizes and all business sectors. He helps diagnose the training needs for their staff, design and deliver in-house training. This ensures those who manage staff have the confidence and knowledge they need across a variety of employment related subjects to effectively manage and support their teams.

Previously, James worked as an Acas Individual Conciliator, helping employers and employees resolve Employment Tribunal disputes. He has knowledge and experience of dealing with all employment related disputes across the private, public and charitable business sectors. His specialism is working with Line Managers/Supervisors to become more confident and capable in the managerial roles.

James brings a wealth of experience, best practice guidance, hints and tips to his training. His down to earth style is well complemented by his vast knowledge of employment legislation and case law.

E:, T: 0330 109 3263 M: 07572 110340