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Majority of dissatisfied staff are looking for a new job

If it were ever in doubt that happy staff tend to stay put, and those discontent cast their gaze to grasses greener, then a quick glance at the latest Employee Outlook survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) would set the record straight.

The research found a clear correlation between levels of dissatisfaction and the intention to look for alternative employment. More than six out of ten dissatisfied staff were actively looking for a new job, while this was the case with only one in ten who were satisfied.

For those feeling 'disengaged', the results were even more marked, with more than seven out of ten respondents admitting they were looking for another position, compared with one in ten who were engaged.

Almost half of those who said they were under pressure every day wanted to change employment compared with one in five who never felt under excessive pressure.

The lesson is plain for employers. If they want to keep their best people, they need to make sure that their organisations are open and supportive, and able to nurture and foster growth. They need to create an environment in which staff have a valued contribution to make and get the recognition they deserve.

Critical in this, as ever, is the relationship between employees and their managers, and whether there is trust, good communication, constructive feedback and mutual respect.

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