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Acas Equality objectives 2012/16

Acas, like other public authorities, is required to publish objectives by 6 April 2012 to cover a four year period that will show how we are working towards eliminating discrimination, victimisation and harassment, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations.

We have used a pragmatic approach to objective setting, taking into account relevant evidence related to the protected characteristics across our functions and examining our published data. In doing so we recognise that for the period 2012/16 the priority should be about advancing equality.

The following objectives aim to initiate some exploratory work around internal and external issues for Acas. They will contribute towards medium and longer term plans and strategies. These objectives will be reviewed on a six monthly basis for the first year and thereafter annually.


To better understand all the issues that impact upon Grade/career progression and why women and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME) are not more proportionately represented in all grades of job in Acas by:

  • Analysing the findings of the BME/gender progression research currently being undertaken
  • Investigating the 'prefer not to say' category for disabled people
  • Initiating Board representation targets for gender consistent with the "Davis" report

We intend to formulate an action plan to address, where practical, any identified equality barriers in the progression system.


To better understand the effects of our services and products in advancing equality. Acas works with both employers and employees and their representatives and we intend to ensure these interventions advance equality where it would be appropriate to do so. This objective will be taken forward by:

  • Undertaking a review of our interventions, such as information and advice, training, conciliation and publications to ensure that elements of each advance equality. We will use the findings of our research and evaluation and conduct interviews with Acas staff to identify where the opportunity to advance equality occurs in each of our services and products and produce guidance and supportive training for staff to make sure they consider equality at each stage
  • Reviewing on an ongoing basis the research evidence on the experience of our service users to ensure that those with protected characteristics receive at least the same level of service, including outcomes, as that experienced by other users

We intend to formulate an action plan to ensure that these activities take place and that appropriate action follows.

We also intend to undertake refresher equality training for all staff in 2012/13 to be consistent with equality good practice and to help staff engage more meaningfully in the objectives above.