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Unions can play key role in restructuring

Periods of restructuring bring their own unique challenges. However, having a good working relationship with your staff trades union representatives can often be the best way of negotiating agreements around pay, hours, conditions or redundancies, helping you to meet the needs of your business.

Building a good relationship with trades union representatives can bring huge benefits for employers. Unions tend to have a very broad experience of employment relations, and employers can benefit from their experience and expertise in many areas, such as health and safety, training and disciplinary procedures. Importantly, a union provides a single point of contact for employers - having one body for collective negotiation can be much simpler than dealing with individual workers.

To work effectively and democratically, trade unions need the active participation of their members. Trade union representatives have the legal right to paid time off to perform their duties and it's in the employer's interest to promote effective communication between union representatives and their members.

Understanding how to work effectively with trade unions can be key to resolving disputes and building good relations in today's workplace. Acas provides comprehensive training for managers, supervisors and HR staff in all aspects of working with trades unions, including familiarisation with trades union recognition and laws related to union actions. Acas experts will show you how to work constructively with unions and how to influence relationships in a positive and open way.

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