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Negotiating skills key to navigating times of change

Being able to negotiate effectively is crucial for building constructive workplace relations and managing change in times of economic uncertainty.

We all need to be able to negotiate in different areas of our lives, be it with friends, family or colleagues. In the workplace, negotiation skills are key to being able to perform a number of important tasks, such as resolving disputes with unions and labour groups, agreeing salary and benefits packages, drawing up contracts, dealing with dissatisfied employees and making difficult decisions on budget and jobs cuts.

Negotiation trainer Jim Camp believes that good negotiating skills put people in 'a tremendous position to influence company morale, improve productivity, boost the bottom line, and foster a company culture that is harmonious and competitive.' During periods of transformation in an organisation, HR professionals in particular often occupy a special position, as mediators between the interests of employers and their staff - a position for which excellent negotiating skills are essential.

Acas provides comprehensive negotiating skills training to show how different negotiating methods can be used to help resolve disputes, achieve better deals and create longer-lasting and fruitful working relationships.

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