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Acas training to equip employers with the skills to attract, retain and manage an effective and productive workforce.

Job Evaluation | Maternity, Paternity and Adoption | Employing Migrant Workers | Monitoring and Impact Assessments | Redundancy | Staff Retention | Trade Union Recognition | Contracts and Terms and Conditions | Recruitment and Induction | TUPE

Topics and coverage - Acas training for employers and managers

Job Evaluation

Acas provides training which examines job evaluation and can help you assess the best approaches to rolling out new evaluations systems. Creating fair and consistent approaches and communicating how evaluations and grading structures are applied to your organisation will improve motivation. These approaches also help reduce perceptions of inequality and the risk of equal pay claims and at the same time can increase the likelihood of employees striving to achieve excellence in a fair and open environment.

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Maternity, Paternity and Adoption

Maternity and paternity periods can be an important time in an employee's life, and businesses will benefit from implementing family friendly policies. Acas can train your managers and HR professionals in the best practices when granting leave for maternity, paternity or adoption, and update you on the laws addressing flexible working time, pregnancy leave, pay and rights for those with children. Fair and compliant approaches in these areas will benefit the organisation in terms of staff retention and attracting new employees.

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Employing Migrant Workers

With an increasing trend toward globalised industries and a shifting labour landscape it is crucial to understand the laws and regulations when employing migrant workers or immigrants. HR professionals and supervisors can train with Acas to bring themselves up to speed with best practices when employing migrant workers and to understand what factors your business may need to consider before a migrant worker joins your team. We will also focus on equality and diversity issues and changes you may need to make to your existing policies and procedures.

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Monitoring and Equality Impact Assessments

Employees expect fairness and equality in all aspects of their job. Increasingly organisations are being required to demonstrate their approaches and the effectiveness of equality and diversity policies in order to win contracts and become recognised as an employer of choice. Acas training helps ensure that the process of monitoring and carrying out equality impact assessments is handled in a transparent and consistent way. These specialist Acas sessions include workshops for management to develop practical skills and are designed for those new to the process or those who would like a refresher on the topic.

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Redundancy and Restructuring

Dealing with employee redundancies can be one of the most difficult challenges a supervisor can undertake. Training with Acas can help managers and HR professionals to learn the appropriate redundancy procedures which should be undertaken and we will demonstrate how to communicate a redundancy process.

Acas trainers will show how to handle redundancies on a one to one basis to minimise impact and explore possible areas of support. We will show you how to assess all possible alternatives to redundancy before the process is initiated. We will cover redundancy and the law, employment contracts and workers rights. We will clarify the processes that need to be followed whenever undertaking redundancy or restructuring programs.

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Staff Retention

Keeping a well-trained, highly motivated workforce is essential to a productive business. Engaging your employees to work toward common goals, increasing motivation, creating reward and recognition structures, good communications and encouraging innovation can all have dramatic effects on staff retention levels and the long term productivity of an organisation.

Rewarding and promoting employees who are working hard for you, while carefully managing new staff acquisition programmes and succession planning, becoming known as a good employer to work for and attracting the best new recruits, can drive your teams to excel and improve your organisations position within your market.

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Working with Trade Unions

Trade unions are an important and often critical factor in negotiations and trade agreements in many working environments. Acas training can benefit supervisors by demonstrating best practices when working with unions. Acas trainers can help management, supervisors and HR personnel familiarise themselves with trade union recognition and laws related to union actions. We will show you how to work constructively with unions and how to influence relationships in a positive and open way and how to communicate activities with other managers across the business.

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Contracts and Terms and Conditions

Acas training can show you the importance and value of constructing clear and legal contracts of employment. Contracts help avoid misunderstandings and it is the case that many employment tribunals arise from inadequately documented terms. This training will show you what should be included in particulars of employment and how to vary a contract or terms in a legal way. Contracts are an important foundation of the relationship between employees and employers, and these courses enable you to learn best practices on outlining terms and conditions and written agreements.

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Recruitment and Induction

The best way of maintaining a well-trained, dedicated and productive work force is by making the right choices in the recruitment process from the start. Acas training will help you prepare for conducting interviews and meeting candidates, and show you ways in which you can decide on the best person for the job.

Most employers recognise that their staff are their greatest asset and an effective and fair recruitment and selection process is vital for finding and employing the people for the job. Getting recruitment wrong is time consuming and expensive for the business, can have a lasting impact on the individual and could lead to problems with customer relations. Acas training will help you get it right from the start.

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Whether you are buying or selling a business, changing an existing contractor or pitching for a contract to provide services, Acas training can guide you through the key stages of TUPE and will cut through the complexities and confusion that often surrounds staff transfers.

Our training will educate supervisors and managers on how to handle TUPE and how to understand the implications of the TUPE process. We will explore the commercial and practical implications of a transfer at each stage of the process from planning and initial procurement, to due diligence, communicating with staff and stakeholders and engaging with a new workforce. Acas trainers will focus on key areas of redundancy process, reorganisation, communication and employee engagement.

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What our delegates say

"Attending the course has helped ensure we are thorough and reasonable in placing policies to help run our business smoothly."

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"Excellent facilities and materials. Good trainer with valid 'war stories' to bring it to life."

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Tailored training

Acas can also tailor management, HR and supervisor training which we can deliver in your workplace.

You save time and money by training a group of managers at once and increase the relevancy to the needs of your organisation. An Acas expert will work with your managers or HR department to assess your needs and design a training programme tailored to your organisation. We can focus on specific policies, issues or human resources procedures you wish to address and we can help you to focus on individual solutions to management, communication or conflict areas in your workplace.

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