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Acas training to improve management and supervisor skills in the workplace, increase performance and improve productivity.

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Topics and coverage - Acas training for employers and managers

Discipline and Grievance

Disciplining staff using the correct process and dealing effectively with employee grievances is an important consideration for employers. Acas wrote the Code of Practice on discipline and grievance and our experienced trainers can help make sure that you are well equipped for handling disciplinary situations in your workplace as they arise. Our experts can advise on how to initiate disciplinary procedures in line with the Acas Code of Practice and also how to properly handle the grievance process to ensure fairness and consistency. Additionally, we will outline how to carry out hearings and show you how you may better record the steps you have undertaken to demonstrate compliance with the Acas code.

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Organisations need to make the most of staff events, workshops, focus groups and meetings to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive for learning and directed toward creating positive outcomes. This is an important area of concern for management and trainers when organising events as travel restrictions continue to be applied across many sectors and the value of increasingly rare staff events and training must be increasingly maximised. Acas facilitation training includes consideration of group behaviour dynamics, problem solving and prioritising, maximising outputs and focusing on outcomes.

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Handling Difficult Conversations

Difficult situations will sometimes arise in the workplace that must be dealt with cautiously and with sensitivity. These include discipline or grievance issues, attendance levels, improper conduct and performance issues. Handling tough conversations with employees can be made easier with step by step training from Acas. We will show you how to prepare for difficult or crucial conversations, how to manage and control the workplace discussion process and how to ensure you are talking to employees in as productive a way as possible. Acas will improve your confidence and enhance your knowledge and skills for reducing stress, taking action and tackling difficult conversations head on.

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Conducting Investigations

Effective and unbiased staff investigations are the cornerstone of ensuring that the dismissal process has been handled fairly. Acas training will take delegates through the various stages of an investigation; from gathering and assessing evidence, to presenting the findings, arriving at an outcome, and managing that outcome. We will cover the principles of a fair procedure, show you how to assess relevant and irrelevant evidence, and show you the standard of proof that is required. We will also show you how to cope with unexpected problems during the investigation process, including the reluctant witness.

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Managing Change

Change in the workplace can be a difficult process for both employees and managers to cope with. And there are options to be considered and explored at every step of the change process. Acas training helps managers understand that redundancy programmes, lay offs or short-time working approaches have far reaching impacts on the wider organisation and often its supply chain and customer base. Acas provides employers, managers and HR professionals with in-depth and comprehensive guidance on their responsibilities when making redundancies and we help examine ways in which clear communications and consultation can help the organisation better manage their way through difficult times.

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Performance Management

Acas performance management training will show you how to establish clear frameworks in which employees understand what is expected of them in terms of their performance. We will provide guidance on how to establish and communicate standards and expectations which allow employees to fulfil clear requirements of their job and often to find ways in which they can focus and excel. Performance management, the setting of a consistent appraisal processes and the establishment of realistic goals will help managers and supervisors motivate and guide employees to continuously improve and make sure the right people are in place to make a real difference.

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Skills for Supervisors

Supervisors need to have a diverse set of skills to lead, motivate, manage and inspire their employees. Acas offers training to help new and experienced supervisors alike build effective and productive working environments. Supervisors are a key part of the management chain and often provide those they line manage with the directions and vision to drive operational performance forward. Our skills for supervisors training sessions cover essential management and communication methods and also key supervision skills such as spotting signs of bullying and dealing with staff absence.

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Drugs and Alcohol

Being able to spot the signs of use of drugs and alcohol in employees is a sensitive and yet crucial area for organisations and managers. Employers have a duty of care to their employees and it is their responsibility to ensure that the employees' health and safety is maintained on a continual basis. Performance will improve if the organisation has clear and well communicated drugs and alcohol misuse policies and established steps for dealing with these issues and their effects on performance.

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Staff Surveillance

With new developments in technology, monitoring staff activity can be more difficult than ever. Data protection, file sharing, monitoring of social networking site use, the online world presents an evolving challenge to managers and supervisors who need to keep on top of what their employees are doing whilst in the workplace. Acas provides practical guidance on keeping up to date with email and social networking use as well as internet abuse, and we can show you techniques to ensure employee privacy isn't violated whilst a focus on productivity is maintained. We will also show you how to communicate policies clearly within your organisation.

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What our delegates say

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Tailored training

Acas can also tailor management training which we can deliver in your workplace.

You save time and money by training a group of managers at once and increase the relevancy to the needs of your organisation. An Acas expert will work with your managers or HR department to assess your needs and design a training programme tailored to your organisation. We can focus on specific policies, issues or human resources procedures you wish to address and we can help you to focus on individual solutions to management, communication or conflict areas in your workplace.

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